Over the weekend, /Film got a peek at one of the sets for the new Muppet movie, written by Forgetting Sarah Marshall's Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller and directed by Flight of the Conchords' James Bobin. If you love the Muppets—in other words, if you are anyone worth knowing—you'll want to check out the rest of the photos, which feature a dilapidated "Muppet Studios" lot that includes the Electric Mayhem's busted-ass tour bus and a run-down list of abandoned "Studio Attractions." Hey, remember that flailing Muppet arm thing Kermit does whenever he gets really excited? I might be doing that right now. It makes typing really hard kasl .s

Ever since the elaborate "Dracula's Lament" puppet musical number in Sarah Marshall (see below for a lesser, stripped-down version, which Segel performed on Craig Ferguson), it's been clear that if anyone should bring back the Muppets, it's Segel; with Stoller and Bobin in tow, and with sets looking like these, I'm kind of ridiculously optimistic about this one. Just look at my arms! You can totally tell how stoked I lak I amda !1