A lot of you nerds are creaming your jeans over the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. That's why I'm pleased to copy the embed code of this extended scene from the movie, and paste it into this blog post. And though I've poop-talked this series a lot in the past, after watching this scene, I am now a die-hard convert and absolutely can't wait for part two! Here's a description of the plot from the person who uploaded it on the YouTube page.

Bitchs got THEY shit busted wit chairs the p world bitchs in the corner were talkin hell shit then all they did was throw shit and not hit anybody then was so scarded to come outside they went to jail.............when police came and slammed a bitch east oakland style.

See? Why didn't anyone tell me Hogwarts was gonna bring it "east oakland style"? If this is what Quidditch is all about, then COUNT... ME... IN!!