These things have tended to come in pairs, lately.

Hours after Police Chief Mike Reese and Mayor Sam Adams announced formal discipline decisions in the fatal shooting of Aaron Campbell, the chief sent out another release announcing that Capt. Mark Kruger—the cop accused of building a shrine for five Nazi Germany soldiers at a city park several years ago—had agreed to serve an unpaid, 80-hour suspension.

The chief's statement:

Today, I met with Captain Mark Kruger and notified him of my decision regarding a misconduct violation. This misconduct allegation stemmed from an incident 11 years ago when Captain Kruger was off duty and erected a plaque on Rocky Butte honoring German soldiers. Mayor Sam Adams and I decided that Captain Kruger will receive an 80-hour unpaid suspension for this incident. Captain Kruger will also engage in intensive training under the “Tools for Tolerance” or some similar training module. He will also fully participate in a mentorship arrangement for 6 months up to 2 years to be determined by myself and the Mayor.

Captain Kruger has waived his right to further due process or arbitration and this matter is now completed. Therefore, the Bureau is releasing the discipline letter regarding this matter as well as a letter on behalf of Captain Kruger that he has asked us to disseminate.

When the Oregonian reported on the possibility of discipline last month, it sparked complaints about a cover up and calls for a state investigation.

To read Kruger's apology letter, click here.