A modest winter goal: to watch every movie that features a punk or new wave character. But how will I track down these no doubt diverse and obscure films? Thanks to Ned Lannamann, I know to turn to Zack Carlson and Brian Connolly. These brave souls, appearing at Reading Frenzy tonight, have compiled an exhaustive reference book, Destroy All Movies!!!, which chronicles every appearance of a punk on film.

It seems like a monumental task so they stuck to a strict and simple criteria which includes:

1) The depiction of punks in a fictional narrative feature, or
2) The documentation of self-identified punks in a non-fiction film.

This means that Robocop makes the cut but not Alex Cox's Straight to Hell. (Succinct but detailed explanation for this here, or just see the rules above.

The signing is tonight at Reading Frenzy at 6:30. I plan on immediately looking up Star Trek IV: