Guantanamo Prisoners Get Big Settlement: The British government is paying millions to British citizens it allowed to be illegally detained and tortured as terrorism suspects.

Smartening Up: California court rules that illegal immigrants who graduate from CA high schools can get in-state college tuition.

Prince William is Getting Married: Hooray! The British monarchy will live another day!

Not Just Your Stomach Grumbling: A record 50 million Americans went hungry this year, and one in four is in some kind of government food program.

Okay, Who's Watching Sarah Palin?! Apparently five million people tuned in to her new reality show.

Kidney Thieves! Kosovo busts the most horrifying crime ring ever: real-life kidney stealers.

Third Grader Assault: The parents of a Gresham third-grader file a civil rights suit after police allegedly kick him to the ground and handcuff him.

Rejected Pro-Bike Ad: This gem didn't win a bike poster contest in London. Bollocks!