New York Assemblyman Felix Ortiz felt a need to protect his constituency by demonstrating to them exactly what happens when you chug as many Four Lokos as they can in one hour. He's a brave, brave man. And the experiment and its resulting news segment dive into the real human issues behind the Four Loko controversy...

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Via Gawker.

This video does more than just investigate some of the physical consequences of Four Loko. Indeed, it shows us a bigger picture, about how Four Loko simultaneously tears us apart and brings us together.

Our generational and social gaps seem to dictate the ways we react to Four Loko. The drink sort of stratifies people into two classes: those who feel like they're "on some other drug" or who end up barfing all over their hospital gown, and those who feel "saucy" and are like, "Whoooooo."

But what brings everyone together in the end, is a common solvency. No matter who you are, pizza will make your Four Loko nightmare end. That is something we all share.

Take that home and chew on it, humanity.