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(See how I used the green border? That's called attention to detail, you philistines, and you're welcome.)

Okay. So:

(A) I'm so-so on Green Lantern comics. Dude seems like kind of a buzzkill

(B) Marjorie and I certainly do like that Ryan Reynolds fellow

(C) I'd like DC to have a superhero franchise that isn't dependent on Christian Bale glaring at me

(D) Well, somebody at Warner Bros. was paying attention when that charming ladies' man Tony Stark made Marvel all that money, weren't they?

(E) Hahahahahaa! Good one, Peter Sarsgaard!


(G) Despite the scorn displayed toward Grimace in (F), I very much like weird-ass space aliens

(H) I especially like when weird-ass space aliens live on weird-ass alien planets

(I) That stupid little mask looks stupid

(J) I am not afraid of anyone who, rather than just punching me themselves, instead has to punch me using their magical piece of sparkly hologram jewelry

PROS: B, C, G, H
CONS: A, D, E, F, I, J

You'd think since the "cons" column has more letters, that must mean I don't like this trailer, but I actually kind of love it. I've said it before and I'll say it again: If your movie contains a hydrocephalic Peter Sarsgaard and Ryan Reynolds crackin' wise at Grimace, you really can't go wrong.