They have even bigger ants in Troutdale!

With Fallout: New Vegas now a certified hit, it seems viewing different regions of our planet post-nuclear catastrophe is a sure-fire crowd pleaser.

Thus, I throw it to you readers: Now that we've seen the affect of atomic weaponry on Washington, D.C. and Las Vegas, what part of the world would you next like to see Bethesda exploit for a few hundred million bottle caps?

Hit the jump for my answer.

Let's first assume that Bethesda signs New Vegas developer Obsidian Entertainment as the development team for all future Fallout games. I was widely lambasted in the press for saying Fallout 3 lacked the quality writing of its two predecessors, but now that New Vegas has shown the world what we could have had with Fallout 3 had the original developers been behind it, I think everyone can agree that no one but Obsidian should touch the license ever again.

That said, I want to see Obsidian re-explore some of the territory they covered in Fallout 2 — specifically, the entire West Coast. Fallout 2 included territory from Northern California and Southern Oregon, but what if they expanded that? A post-apocalyptic roleplaying game covering everything from the islands off the coast of British Columbia to Baja, Mexico would be phenomenal.

Forgetting even the regional excitement it would spawn here, the vast diversity of landscape such a game could offer — everything from snowy mountains to deserts to ocean beaches to big cities to temperate rain forests would be represented — would be a huge boon. Yeah, that kind of scope would require years of development time, if only to write the various, interweaving storylines, but I'd wait three years for the next Fallout if it meant the fulfillment of my dream.

In the mean time Bethesda can tide us over with five to ten DLC packs. They made incredible piles of cash off the DLC from Fallout 3, so the only real question we have regarding the DLC packs for New Vegas is "how many?" and "when will the first one show up?"

Now you. What do you want to see in the inevitable Fallout 4?