This little gem of a magazine cover came out today. What's weird is that I was just talking with my roommate about how hot Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom's (Kerbloom—trademarking that shit!) baby is going to be. Which then led to how peculiar little Shiloh is turning out. Since she's the spawn of Brangelina, I know she'll be super pretty when she gets older—but for now, good lord, what are they doing to that poor child?! Well, I'm glad Star could shed some light on what's going on, thanks to the nannies "telling all," we now realize that Shiloh is just as bat-shit crazy as mom and blood brother Angie. She collects dead animals, and likes the name John. No big deal. Meanwhile, that other spoiled fucking brat is flushing diamonds down the potty!!! I can't take this anymore, that kid is the worst. I would nanny all 900 of Angie's kids over the ONE that TomKat birthed.