Most people I know, if given the choice, would always take a bad R&B song over a bad country one. Not me. To my ears nothing beats the venal pandering and embarrassing sincerity of a shitty Top 40 country song. At the very least, they're fascinating bellwethers from across the American cultural divide.

Take this gem by James Otto off his album Shake What God Gave Ya(!!!) entitled "Soldiers & Jesus" that celebrates the fact that both of those parties died/die/are dying for us ("one for our lives and one for our souls"). I mean, Jesus preached non-violence and soldiers are... um, soldiers, but why think too hard about it?

Um, actually if anyone wants to think too hard about it meet me in the comments section. I have a lot of liberal ranting and hand-wringing to do.

H/t to Natasha. Thanks for the tip!