For some of you lucky readers, the new Westside Guide appears in select copies of this week's Mercury. (Most of the copies are in drop sites on the Westside.) The guide contains words like "ponyboy," "gnarly," "shiz," and "armory." You should check it out! It's rad, and sassy. It's rassy! Or something.

Alberta Poon was our model, and Matthew D'Annunzio took all the pictures. They both did an awesome job. Alberta's clothes came from Stand Up Comedy! There's tons of listings in it, including bars, restaurants, shops and services! Scrappers put it together and made this .gif just for you! I am so excited by the damn thing I can't stop using exclamation points!

...Okay. You get the idea. Pick up the latest Westside Guide. Or be doomed to eternal loserdom.