Another week, another Mercury music section to ignore while you listen to Jay-Z and Terry gross talk about hiphop, stabbing, and Annie. I predict a cameo from Shawn Carter and MC T.Gross (or MC Pledge Drive?) in the near future.

The last time Robyn was this close to coming to Portland, she canceled at the last minute to appear on The View. Barbara Walters, if you dare stand in the way of Sweden's finest pop star and Portland once again, so help me God...

Robyn - "Call Your Girlfriend"

A few years back I talked to Greg Dulli on the phone and it was a highlight of my young life. I am serious. The former frontman of the Afghan Whigs—and current Twilight Singer and Gutter Twin—is a smooth talker on the phone, and even better onstage. His rare solo date in town will feature material from every album in his catalog. Yes, that means you might be hearing "Miles Iz Dead." Don't forget the alcohol.

Afghan Whigs - "When Doves Cry" (Live, Boston 1994)

It took some time but Rapids—the latest venture from Portland music staple Sean Croghan and pals—finally delivers their second release, the "Transmission"/"Children of the Rain" seven-inch.
Rapids - "Transmission on NW 23rd"

Hey, I made it through an entire article about hiphop/rock act Hurtbird without mentioning the Judgment Night soundtrack. I own it on cassette and CD. Not sure why I am so proud of that.

Hurtbird - "Traveling"

End Hits: Where's our duet with Onyx?