Nuns stickin' it, twins doin' it, clowns jerkin' it: HUMP! 2010 had a little something for, and a little something from, everyone. But if you didn't make it to one of the twenty sold-out screenings at Seattle's On the Boards or Portland's Cinema 21 earlier this month—if you didn't beg, borrow, steal, or purchase one of the hottest tickets in town—you'll never know what you missed by missing HUMP! That's because HUMP! makes it possible for people to be porn stars for a couple of weekends and not the rest of their lives. Which is why there are no cell phones allowed at HUMP!, no HUMP! DVD collections, and no HUMP! films are posted online (well, not by us—some individual filmmaker have released their films online). And it's why we destroy all of our copies of the films after the last screening.

There's just only one thing left for us to do after our copies of the films have been destroyed at final HUMP! screening: count the votes. There are four prize categories this year—Best Humor, Best Kink, Best Sex, and Best In Show—and the winners are determined by audience ballot. And the winners of this year's HUMP! Awards are...

Best Humor:
Winner: America's Funniest Hump Videos ($1000)
First Runner Up: Sink ($250)

Best Kink:
Winner: The Nun and the Bum Get Some ($1000)
First Runner Up: Playing With Fire ($250)

Best Sex:
Winner: Ad Man ($1000)
First Runner Up: How to Bake Frosted Muffins ($250)

Best In Show:
Grand Prize Winner: Hi, I'm Pon ($2500)

Congrats to everyone who entered HUMP!—everyone who entered a film and everyone who entered a screening—and we hope to see you all at HUMP! 2011! Watch http://www.portlandmercury.com/hump for details about next year's festival!