Alberta Rose TheatreLive Wire!: Blue Cranes, Weinland, 7:30 pm, $15-30, all ages
Backspace—Music in the Schools Benefit: JonnyX & The Groadies, Sloths, The Odious, 8 pm, $4, all ages
Bamboo Grove Salon—Spacefunk: Bryan Zentz, Let's Go Outside, Maximus, The Perfect Cyn & Sappho, Pipedream, Miss Vixen, Travismode, Nicodemus, Jimm, 9 pm, $8-10
Doug Fir—Dawes, The Moondoggies, The Romany Rye, 9 pm, $12
Dr. Martens Airwair USA—Typhoon, Rev Shines, 5:30 pm, free
Mississippi Studios—Mr. Gnome, Two Ton Boa, Kackala, Jason Simms, 9 pm, $8
Mudai—Purple Rhinestone Eagle, Stag Bitten, Lickity, 9 pm, $3
Music Millennium—The Moondoggies, Dawes, 6 pm, free, all ages
Plan B—Salvador, Rabbits, Diesto, Lord Dying, 8 pm
Rotture—Supernature #37: Boys for Men, Atole, Jeffrey Jerusalem, DJ E*Rock, 9 pm, $5
Slabtown—Rapids, Pure Country Gold, Wax Edison, Hellcows, 9 pm, $6
The Woods—Faun Fables, Billygoat, 9 pm, $10-12
Berbati's PanOrangutan Benefit: Skeletron, And And And, Forest Park, Robot Uprise, 7:30 pm, $10-15, all ages

Orangutan Benefit: This poor orangutan cant even afford a car. Please help.
  • Orangutan Benefit: This poor orangutan can't even afford a car. Please help.