I didn't see the news this weekend, but luckily Blogtown Four Loko Correspondent Graham was on it: The OLCC has banned Four Loko in a special Saturday meeting. The ban also exiles other alcoholic energy drinks with outrageous names: Core High Gravity HG Green, Core High Gravity HG Orange, Lemon Lime Core Spiked, Moonshot, Joose, and MAX.

So much for my dream of drinking hot mulled MAX on the MAX this Thanksgiving!

The Oregon ban strikes the Loko from the shelves about a month before Four Loko will be decaffeinated in advance of a federal crackdown. The OLCC determined that the seven products it has banned are considered "'adulterated' products by the FDA because they contain the 'unsafe food additive' of caffeine." Caffeine is an unsafe food additive? That calls for a poll!

Should Oregon Have Banned Four Loko?