In more news about Evangelical Christian pop-culture ephemera, the same friend who turned me on to WinterBand also hipped me to a movie I think you should all know about.

I personally never get tired of the "Happy Holidays" vs. "Merry Christmas" debate. Some may say it's a silly argument over semantics but I, like a true believer, see Satan's hand at work. Changing a storefront sign to say "Seasons Greetings" is the same as changing it to "Praise Gay Allah" in my book. And my book is the Bible.

Finally, the truth about this insidious Atheistic agenda can be told on the silver screen with the help of the neighbor from Married... With Children. Christmas with a Capital C tells the story of Dan Reed, a hardworking citizen of the most American state in America (Alaska) who is horrified when his old high school rival returns to town: Mitch Bright, played by Daniel Baldwin (Portland's Baldwin) doing his best Alec Baldwin impression. Mitch hates Christmas and "all that garbage you Christians have been jamming down our throats" and will not stop until every street corner nativity gets thrown in the wood chipper (or so I imagine). Not if Dan Reed can help it! "Just because God's out of fashion in the big city doesn't mean we throw him away like last summer's fashion magazine," he growls at Bright. The holy culture war is on!

Accusing the opposition of ruining Christmas: it never gets old.

Thanks again to Sally for knowing just what links to send to a guy.