This man (a U.S. citizen) managed to enter the United States without being x-rayed or having his balls touched by government employees. It only took him 2.5 hours.

In order to enter the USA, I was never touched, I was never “Backscatted,” and I was never metal detected. In the end, it took 2.5 hours, but I proved that it is possible. I’m looking forward to my next flight on Wednesday.

I didn't realize that the TSA was scanning and groping people when they get off airplanes, too. Because, I suppose, they might have been keeping that bomb in their underwear for that whole international flight, just waiting for the chance to blow up the baggage carousel.

All this crap before boarding a plane at least has the appearance of providing some kind of safety. What's the excuse for all the questioning and scanning on the other end?