Everyone knows there's a certain father/son team that is revered above all others by true followers of the Christian faith. I am, of course, talking about Bro. Steve Winter and his son Philip, the guitarist and drummer for WinterBand, the rockin-est Apostolic Pentecostal Christian blues/metal band around!

To give you a taste of Bro. Steve Winter's particular version of Acts 2:38-centric Protestantism before I continue, here's a quote from Winter's website. He is kinda upset with the shamelessly mainstream United Pentecostal Church International:

Licensing women to preach was not enough... Licensing divorced and remarried men to preach was not enough... Having to agree not to contend for the faith was not enough... Going a whoring after the world with every heathen holiday wasn't enough... Total disregard of the commandments regarding women not speaking in Church was not enough... Having one of their top leaders caught doing Sodomy in a park wasn't enough... General let down on the old paths of holiness wasn't enough...

But apparently the UPCI leadership embracing television WAS enough for some old timers to leave the United Pentecostal Church International.

But will they keep their other sins like the Protestants kept the trinity?

Maybe the UPCI just needs a great rock band to set a good example, Bro! Dressed like a lame ZZ Top and sounding like a lame Jethro Tull, WinterBand travels to heretical holy sites around the world (virtually) to spread their message of God's love that everyone else is going to Hell. It's an important message - so much so that it can't fit into any song less than 6 minutes long. But don't take my word that WinterBand is the shit! Here's Philip giving their CD to superfan Zell Miller, the famously level-headed former Senator of Georgia:


Enough talk, more rock. Here's my favorite WinterBand song, "What Do You Believe?", performed "at the Dome of the Rock Mosque in Jerusalem." Whoa, slow down on those skins, Philip! Neil Pert wants his mojo back!

Hit the jump for an equally awe-inspiring/meandering performance of "Don't Be Deceived" recorded "live at Mecca" and WinterBand's cringe-worthy "pro innocent life song", "Where Babies Come From".
Thanks for the tip, Sally!