Did you guys know we're having a "new American roots movement?" Of Kurt B. Reighley's new book The United States of Americana, Marjorie writes:

As cultural observance goes, it was only a matter of time before someone would summarize the up-tick of interest in straight-razor shaving and DIY knitting as "The New American Roots Movement." Reighley argues the virtues of his subjects valiantly, though to embrace each aspect herein would be a recipe for caricature. Not everyone should learn to play the washboard, compete in mustache competitions, or collect taxidermy (much less all three at once).

For years I have been systematically acquiring life skills that might help me survive loss of income/economic collapse/zombie apocalypse. (Though I'm less worried about zombie apocalypses now that I'll probably be able to find some gold-hearted cholos to take care of me. The Walking Dead is so dumb.) I always figured this was "existential terror" but apparently it is "rootsiness."

Reighley is reading at the downtown Powell's tonight at 7:30 pm, if you want to talk about mustache grooming or washboard playing or whatever.

UPDATED 11:19 AM: Reighley is stuck in Seattle! No American roots reading for you.

Related: the 2011 Beard and Mustache Awards were just announced. I'm sure somebody, somewhere needed to know that.

Also reading tonight: Ambassador Nancy Brinker, who according to the internet is "regarded as the leader of the global breast cancer movement," and is a big enough deal to warrant this funny/bitchy disclaimer:
* While Ms. Brinker would love to hear everyone's inspirational stories, we want to keep the signing line moving. The author invites you to share your story by visiting her page on Komen.org and clicking "Share your story."

That's at 7 pm at Cedar Hills.