Since experiencing flavor is almost all about experiencing scent (just ask my aunt AJ, who lost her sense of smell in a teenage accident and determines food preferences by texture... she's an interesting cook), it makes sense that fashion people would come up with the Invisible Christmas Dinner. (Okay, cheap shot. No really, fashion people aren't weird about food at all.) Portland based online boutique Le Train Bleu is hosting said event in combination with a pop-up shop (30-80% off at 1905 NW 26th, Dec 3 & 4, and yes your wife/sister/girlfriend would most likely love a Christmas gift bought there). The "dinner" is actually a flight of scents made by Christopher Brosius of CB I Hate Perfume, who eschews the blending of a variety of scents in favor of single accord versions of smells that "are just the scents that really hit us where we live." Check out the "menu": roast beef, mulled wine, whiskey, bartlett pear, pumpkin pie, christmas pudding, old fur coat, salad greens, amaryllis. (And zero calories!) Putting aside the questionable wisdom of dousing oneself in the scent of whiskey (care to go for a drive?), whether one would really like to smell like roast beef, or the fact that old fur coats aren't food, there's a contest in this: If you pass the nose test and identify all the scents correctly, they'll give you a whopping $200 gift certificate to LTB (which also contains zero calories!).


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