In the three weeks between 28-year-old Bethany Storro's hospitalization for severe acid burns and her subsequent admission that the "attack" was a hoax and her wounds were self-inflicted, duped do-gooders donated $20,000 to a Riverview Community Bank fund intended to help support Storro through her recovery.

Now fund contributors can get their money back, the bank announced Tuesday.

Those who donated cash can retrieve their donation (with a receipt) within a 30-day window; after 30 days, any unclaimed donations will be donated to the Oregon Burn Center at Legacy Emanuel Hospital. Those who donated by check will be reimbursed directly, and all $5,700 raised by a golf tournament benefit has already been donated to Community Services Northwest.

Anyone who donated a few pennies to Storro while buying over-priced groceries at Safeway should talk to Safeway.

Storro previously had access to the donations, and allegedly spent $1,500 on meals with her family, Amtrak tickets to Seattle, shopping at Target and to pay off a cosmetic laser peel treatment she had in August. (Can you spell "irony?" Hint: It's I-R-O-N-Y)

Prosecutors have sinced charged Storro with three felony counts of theft, shortly after she admitted her "attack" was fabricated. Storro pleaded "not guilty." Her trial is set for December 20.