Another week, another Mercury music section to glance at while you watch Charles Bronson kill hipsters. "Hey man, is your coat a vintage coat? No, it's a right now coat."

Even Bronson couldn't touch Kanye West these days. David Schmader examines the emcee's turbulent year, all leading up to the release of his fantastic My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Kanye West - "All Of The Lights"

The Taxpayers are so punk they are about to live in a storage unit for a few months. The Taxpayers are so un-punk that they love Jimmy Buffett. I'm so confused right now.

The Taxpayers - "The Windows Break"

Sure, No Age have grown up just a little bit, but they are still the same band that rocked the fake meat aisle at the vegan grocery store.

No Age - "Fever Dreaming"

Austin's the Black Angels perfect their psychedelic acid-friendly sound. Oh, and here I was thinking that they were a band dedicated to all the African-American players on the Angels. Sorry, Torii Hunter.

The Black Angels - "Yellow Elevator #2"

End Hits: Why am I blogging right now? I should be eating mashed potatoes and watching the Lions lose at football.