It was only 23 days ago, but for all intents and purposes, November 3 really was a lifetime ago. Bristol Palin hadn't been bounced from Dancing With The Stars. Tom Hughes, not yet the Metro president, was waiting for the vote count to bear out the obvious math. Greg Oden still had an NBA future in Portland.

And that's why I'm pointing you to a post put up during that long-gone day's city council meeting: Today, Black Friday, is a newly anointed city holiday. It's true. Yay for city workers. But it's not—I REPEAT IT'S NOT—it's NOT a city parking holiday. (Also a gratitudinous nod to our friends at another publication for issuing the same warning today.)

So keep that in mind, rabid shoppers, while you're braving the chilly wetness to participate in one of our fine nation's more pointless cultural phenomena.

But you almost caught a break. As I wrote right after the council vote:

Commissioner Randy Leonard somewhat playfully suggested that the new holiday earn drivers a break on meter-feeding, an idea shot down by Mayor Sam Adams, who noted the GIANT AMOUNT OF PARKING BOOTY that shoppers feeding meters bring the city the day after Thanksgiving. Commissioner Nick Fish teased Leonard by saying he'd care less about parking fees if he bicycled more and quit driving his Hummer.

Leonard's retort: "I drive a Hummer as often as you ride a bike."