Ideally this will be a new feature on the blog, where I jam random objects (hopefully ear plugs, not just balled-up toilet paper or sand) in my ear holes. If there are any ear plug manufacturers out there that want me to test their products, let me know.

Ear Plug Model:

What They Say:

EarPeace will improve your live music or nightlife experience. You'll hear better, feel better, and play longer. EarPeace is comfortable, stylish, hearing protection. EarPeace is a must for anyone who loves live music or dancing. The high-fidelity design delivers high quality sound and great protection. No more ringing ears!

What I Say:
I originally meant to test these at the Watain show at Branx a few weeks back, but misplaced them under my car seat. Plus, considering all the rotted goat (at least, I think that was goat) carcasses onstage that night, noseplugs might have been a better plan. Instead I broke out the EarPeace(s) at Saratoga on Saturday night for Big Black Cloud and Blood Beach (conflict of interest pony insists I mention that freelancer Ethan Jayne plays in that band).

Given Saratoga's loud soundsystem and unforgiving room, it seemed like a good fit. With these in my ears the sound was crisp but never muffled, plus there was none of that creeping tinnitus post-show ear ringing. I compared them mid-set with my trusty Ear Love plugs and the overall volume level was similar, if not slightly better with the EarPeaces.

These plugs slide pretty deep into your ear and there was some slight trepidation that if something broke in my canal I'd be headed to the emergency room. But the ear plugs were actually quite comfortable, if not a little creepy given their fleshy silicone texture. They feel like something a Real Doll (link NSFW) might wear at a concert. (As if I'd bring my real doll to a show, please.)

Speaking of their skin-like texture, it should be noted that EarPeace is oddly racially friendly. The plugs come in various colors (white, tan, or brown), so your ear plug matches the color of your ear—granted you must be a white, tan, or brown person for this to be effective. I might just order the brown ones to illustrate how post-racial (holla, Obama) I am.

Would You Cram These in Your Ears Again?
Absolutely. Between the cool metal keychain case that resembles a drug dealer sized vial of cocaine and the sound quality, Ear Peace is now my go-to option at shows. Plus, they are cheap. $12.95 is a downright steal for something that works this well.

End Hits: I will put anything in my ears.