19-year-old Mohamed Mohamad who planned a Pioneer Square Christmas Tree lighting bombing (along with a bunch of FBI agents—whups) is due in federal court today at 1:30 pm. For those who were on a media blackout this weekend, be sure to read all the details by scrolling down to Denis and Sarah's kickass coverage.

Naturally when a radical Muslim is associated with any terrorist action, the hillbillies attack the moderate Muslims.

Obama institutes a pay freeze for civilian federal works in a tip o' the hat to conservatives who think spending is out of control.

South Korea promises their neighbors to the north will "pay a dear price" if they get attacked again.

Congress returns today for their lame-duck work session—and they wonder why we hate them.

As Denis reported in GMN yesterday, this newest round of Wikileaks are making the Obama administration embarrassed and furious. (Kind of like that time my angry ex-girlfriend sent all my sexy letters to my mom. Actually, that was kind of funny.)

The Spider-Man musical opens on Broadway, and stops five times because of technical problems—one of which left Spidey dangling upsidedown ten feet over the audience heads. (Maybe he was waiting for a kiss!)

It's Cyber Monday, guys! And as long as you're spending money online anyway, spend locally by snapping up some sweet 50% gift certificates to nearby businesses via MercPerk$. (This sneaky advertisement brought to you by me—the sell-out! Seriously, though... those are some great deals.)

And now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: Foggy today, with warming and rainy weather tomorrow.

And finally, here's a note that was posted in the men's bathroom of an engagement ring store. Truer words have never been spoken.