Gays Aren't Dangerous! The Pentagon finished its major study of Don't Ask Don't Tell and survey says: 70 percent of military people think it's fine if gays serve.

WikiLeaks Revelations: The released cables show the US haggling to find countries to take GITMO detainees, meanwhile Middle Eastern countries are Wikileaks' most avid readers.

New, Beefier FDA: Senate passes an overhaul of the Food and Drug Administration, giving them the power to force recalls and do more inspections.

Wisconsin High School Shooting: Depressed teen holds his class hostage, but just chats with them about hunting and fishing before shooting himself.

UK Cuts Off Lethal Injection Drug Exports: The limeys are getting high and mighty, refusing for moral reasons to sell the US the drug used to carry out the death penalty.

Comcast vs. Netflix: The internet-provider giant wants to charge Netflix a special fee for every movie download. (Oh, and, BTW, Comcast is raising local rates just to get on our good side.)

Hell is Freezing Over RIGHT NOW: George W. Bush makes a Facebook page and compliments Obama.


Mohamed Mohamud Pleads Not Guilty: In case you missed it last night, the 19-year-old charged with plotting to bomb Pioneer Square pleads not guilty and argues he was a victim of entrapment.