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  • Picture Somewhat Related

Long-time Mercury readers may remember a year end gaming awards story that has, at this point, become traditional.

Unlike Kotaku or Joystiq though, our awards system skips the dull "game of the year" crap and instead focuses on the little things. Best use of an in-game fedora? Most depressing casualty of Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops hype machine? Most adorable use of a gelatinous blob?

That kinda thing.

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In previous years I've put together the entire thing by myself, but for the 2010 edition we've decided to involve you a bit more in the process. Once you finish reading this bit of text, click your way into the comments section and leave us one or two suggestions for award categories you'd like to see.

Obviously, try to avoid the cliché, but otherwise this is your thing. Suggest any quantifiable gaming concept you'd like to see specifically spotlighted.

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