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Hey, look at that—MySpace is still good for something! They're streaming just over 21 minutes of Daft Punk's badass score from Tron Legacy, including a bit from this track:


Daft Punk (feat. Jeff Motherfuckin' Bridges) - "The Grid"

Love Mercury Music Coverage?

The album officially comes out next week, but if a mere 21 minutes of bloopedy-bloop-BOOM-BOOM-Inception-noise-Inception-noise isn't enough for you, you might want to be aware of this. Just saying. There's also this—an extensive KCRW interview with Tron director Joseph Kosinski about how Daft Punk became involved with the production. ("I knew we wanted to create a classic film score that blended electronic and orchestral music in a way that hadn't been done before," Kosinski says.)

So put on your headphones and, uh, hop on your lightcycles, fire up your identity discs, squeeze into your spandex... I don't know. Whatever it is you Tron dweebs say to each other. Props to AICN and Blogtown reader Grant for the links.

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