For those of you who were upset that Four Loko is disappearing or changing then I have (good?) news for you.

It's called Whipped Lightning.

  • The Nayshun

No, this isn't a joke.

It's whipped cream infused with alcohol. The website for Whipped Lightning describes it as Whipahol.

They have nine flavors of Whipped Lightning, including Strawberry Colada and German Chocolate. According to one article each container contains between 15% and 18% alcohol. It's doubtful that many will eat an entire can of whipped cream in one sitting, but you never know.

It's not available on the West Coast at the moment. The OLCC does not have it listed and there doesn't seem to be much movement on getting it here.

However, Nevada will be getting Whipped Lightning soon. If you really, really want to try this alcoholic topping go hit up Vegas.