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One of the first death's due to holiday related activities occurred this past weekend.

In Pennsylvania, fifty-nine year old Alan Dankel Jr. fell to his death while attempting to put up Christmas lights on his roof. It was part of his post-Thanksgiving routine.

He died of head trauma after trying to untangle some lights on the second story roof of his house in Washington Township, PA.

Holiday decorating can be dangerous and results in numerous injuries for Americans during the season.

From a CDC Report:

During 2000—2003, an estimated 17,465 persons were treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments for holiday-decorating—related falls. Approximately 62% of those injured were aged 20—49 years; approximately 43% of injuries were caused by falls from ladders; and males were 40% more likely than females to be injured. Prevention strategies should focus on raising awareness about falls and promoting safety practices during the holiday season.

This is just a friendly reminder to be careful as you set about on your holiday travels, decorating, and celebrations. We want you to have a safe and relatively happy holiday season. SERIOUS!!