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I'm gonna hit it and quit it this week. "Special Education" had a lot of story threads but not a lot happened of much consequence. More importantly, nothing happened that made me totally angry. Another solid entry, Glee. Keep 'em coming!

I was initially worried to see Will and Emma taking part in this episode. That isn't always a good sign. Luckily, all Will had to do this week was yell a lot about togetherness and all Emma had to do was get married and hopefully shuffle out of the picture. I still have a TV crush on her but it's clear the writers have no idea what to do with her character, so good riddance. Give Will something else to do. Or nothing, which also works.

I guess Kurt was the glue that was holding New Directions together because now that he's warbling away at Dalton the team is FALLING APART! Finn's past infidelities are exposed, Puck is tipped over in a port-o-potty after giving a rousing speech to the football team about how Bruce Springsteen was gonna go blue collar once but then he totally bought an axe and started to wail. Artie and Brittany, my new favorite TV couple, had a dust-up involving a magic comb, too. It was retarded. In the sense that I think Brittany is actually mentally handicapped and Artie is a nurturer who wants to date someone who has more trouble than him functioning. How else do you explain that weirdness!?

As for the songs, they were fiiiiine. The Warblers gave the best performance with an acappella version of a Train song that was better than an acappella version of a Train song should be. Meanwhile the Hipsters aka Young@Heart Autotuned somehow managed to be not charming even though they were so old. New Directions had a leg up of performing two songs, which must have helped. Their version of "I Had the Time of My Life" lacked Swayze, but that song always makes me feel like camp is ending and anything is possible so I liked it. Then they pulled out Winehouse and it was all over.

In the end they tied with the Warblers and Mercedes and Tina sang a song to celebrate the fact that they feel like a big family again. Nothing special, nothing heinous. Right now I don't ask Glee to be much more than that.

Stray notes and quotes

Hey, that fat girl joined New Directions. She eats lots of Cadbury eggs because she's fat! Hahahahaha! Then she made Puck make out with her which is funny because she's fat! Hahahahahaha! Sigh.

Throwing possums at the competition is a novel idea.

No Beiste or Sue this week. For the better, I thought.

The Warblers give their new members birds? And Kurt named his Pavarotti? And it moulting and adjusting to it's cage is a metaphor for Kurt at Dalton? Gag me.

Stamos sighting!

Um, did you see that fucking calendar in Rachel's locker? I have a screenshot of it that I can't upload now because I'm on a work computer but OMG. I'm totally uploading it to Blogtown later. It needs to be admired by all.