As I sit here writing this post I literally have two cans of Four Loko in my car that I smuggled over the border on my way back to Portland this weekend from California. If you are as saddened by the ban of Four Loko in Oregon as I am, then this might be your light at the end of the tunnel and as Kevin Montgomery of the Uptown Almanac says, "a possible game changer."


The Jameson Juice Box was featured on last night's Sons of, AWESOME!!! And here's what Kevin's research discovered.

I've searched the internets far and wide to figure out where I can buy this groundbreaking product, but all that turns up where a bunch of queries on Yahoo! Answers trying to find the same thing. Perhaps this was just a teaser product placement?

In other words, he hasn't discovered dick. BLOGTOWN DETECTIVES! Humanity (and myself) need this product! Help us find it! Fly, my monkeys! FLY!