Portland's airport was, once again, voted the best in the nation by Zagat. It topped Miami International by two points and big loser LaGuardia by 16.

I feel like a lot of things people love about Portland are overhyped to death, but PDX is legitimately the shit. Like, the good kind. Here's a short list of reasons why I love PDX:

1. FREE WIFI. They say religion is the opiate of the masses. Wrong. Free WIFI is. Having unlimited free Internet ends 95 percent of conflicts before they form, because people get angry when they have to sit and wait for a plane for 30 minutes, but they will very happily sit quietly and peacefully browse Facebook for up to an estimated 18 hours.

2. That old guy playing piano in the main terminal.

3. The airport bar opens at 5 am.

4. The miraculous ability to get me from door to gate in under 20 minutes any day of the year. Does this happen for everyone? It's never taken me longer than 20 minutes to get checked in, through security, to my terminal and logged online. They even threw in a refreshing pat down on the day before Thanksgiving!

5. The MAX goes straight to the gate. It feels first class, amiright? Unlike Seattle's finally constructed light rail to the airport where you still have to walk from the station across the entire massive parking garage.

6. Bicycle assembly station. In the airport. Also, secure bike parking. Every big-time Portland employer needs these.

7. It just fucking works and isn't depressing. Unlike every other airport in the United States of America.