• photo courtesy of Line Out

Michael Cera was seen around Portland last weekend (at Baby Ketten Karaoke, for one, and wherever this is). And rumor has it, he's playing a show at the Crystal Ballroom tonight! Our sister paper in Seattle reported last night that Cera, whose bass playing was on display in Scott Pilgrim, is the current bass player for brand-new supergroup Mister Heavenly. The Sub Pop-signed band (also including Man Man's Honus Honus, Islands' Nick Thorburn, and Modest Mouse's Joe Plummer) played their debut show in Seattle last night. And a look at the calendar reveals that Mister Heavenly is opening for Passion Pit tonight at the Crystal Ballroom. So, there you go! (No idea what Mister Heavenly sounds like.)

End Hits: We're pretty heavenly misters ourselves. Just sayin'.