You may have noticed the dancing weirdos across the top of your Blogtown screen as the signal that our annual Charity Auction is underway—every dime you spend on the auction items goes to Raphael House, Oregon'a largest domestic violence shelter.

And somehow the bidding for the package including a full-body Yeti suit has only reached $51. This suit is amazing! It could be a snow Yeti, or an abominable snowman, or a white gorilla. Three in one! Think of all you could do with a full body hairy Yeti suit! You'd never stop terrorizing the town. Plus, it comes with four pairs of bunny slippers and three super cute, handmade animal hats.

Not included in the package: Me looking stoned.
  • Not included in the package: Me looking stoned.
Go bid! Here's the listing:
Get ready for a big dose of adorable with three custom-made animal hats from Raucous Goods—it's like wearing a cuddly raccoon on your head, but without the rabies; four pairs of bunny slippers (from to keep your whole family's feet toasty; and a cuddly stuffed elephant pal from Stuffed Pals. The final item in this auction needs no description, for it is simply the greatest thing in the history of ever: a luxurious adult-sized white gorilla/yeti/Abominable Snowman costume, courtesy of the Lippman Co. (50 SE Yamhill). APPROXIMATE VALUE: $385