On Tuesday, executive director of the Oregon Republican Party Brandon Danz filed for a partial gubernatorial recount of Multnomah County ballots. The precincts in question are 1017 (NW 23rd), 3253 (Broadway/Rose Quarter) and 3290 (Laurelhurst).

Official elections results from the Oregon Secretary of State give Kitzhaber a win by 22,238 votes, and more recently updated elections results from the Oregonian put the figure at 22,735. In either case, the combined 8,094 votes of the re-count precincts (2,070 ballots cast in precinct 1017, 3,147 ballots cast in precinct 3253 and 2,877 ballots cast in precinct 3290) fall far short of election-altering possibility.

The Oregon GOP is paying for the hand recount, which the county is scheduled to begin at 8:30 am on Monday, Dec. 13, so maybe the Republican Party has something interesting up its sleeve. But... probably not.