By now you've probably seen some of the new billboards that're stirring up interest in the 2011 MLS-ified Timbers, the work of former W+K ad director Jelly Helm (with an assist from OMFG Co., who also have a hand in newish sports bar Spirit of 77):

  • Jelly Helm Studio

MLS just published a piece today on the campaign, which notes that three are up so far, and there are 12 more in chute (including one that features someone I once dated, briefly, a looooong time ago, and no it isn't Timber Jim). The article calls them "the most talked-about billboards in Portland," but I haven't heard much in way of response yet. A few comments from the MLS piece to get the discussion started:

"What the F does logging have to do with football?! Makes Portland look like a bunch of hillbillies. I guess it's kinda fitting though..."

"I hope Portland builds a strong franchise. I'd love nothing more than to have Seattle, Vancouver, and Portland be the top 3 in attendance in 2011."

"Its great how Portland had big brother Seattle to hold their hand on marketing their club. The Timbers owners met with Sounders owners on how to get their "brand" moving. They even have a Seattle company for their shirt sponsor (Alaska Airlines). Portland is like the little brother who is jealous of the older brother (Seattle) and the older brother can care less."

"Right... So is Portland all just a bunch of Axe murderers?"

Closer shots of more of the billboards after the cut.