These are stressful times. What with all the bombing attempts, the arrival of 4G, holiday shopping scroogery, the new Facebook profile, and whoever keeps outbidding me for Your Face on Every Page of the Mercury (I will have my revenge!), I am WOUND UP, MAN. And now I can't even blow off some steam by saying "Hasta la vista, Buttfuckers!" anymore.

I just want to relax. I just need a little escape from the madness. I just have to be reminded of simpler times. So I turn now to internet nostalgia. My last refuge. Remember that soothing dialup song? What was wrong with Internet 1.0? Why did we collectively decide we ever needed more than, say, the hypnotic, reassuring simplicity of ZOMBOCOM?

The only limit is yourself.
  • "The only limit is yourself."

I know it's nothing new, but these days I love Zombocom more than ever. Not just because it believes in my potential ("You can do anything at Zombocom!"), but also because it has never changed in all these years. It remains, a bastion of predictability.

Can you help me chill the fuck out, Blogtown? What is your favorite relic from days of internet past?