I'm spending this rainy, depressing day cold chillin' with Patrick Stewart's MacBeth, but wanted to remind you all of something else you totally need to see.

Remember a while back when we put out a call for your help deciding on new categories for the gaming awards that have become annual tradition in the half-decade since we spawned the idea? Well, the results of your nominations, and the rest of the increasingly lengthy awards piece, have finally been completed and appear in print in the newest edition of The Portland Mercury.

Those of you too lazy to seek out one of those tin box newspaper jobbies can instead find the digital version of said awards piece via the website you're currently staring at.

Anyway, the crucial bit is the three categories created by our very own readers. You. Hit that link to find out if we tapped your suggestion for inclusion, and fill the story's comments with nods of agreement or incensed cries of rage.