US Will Charge WikiLeaks for Spying: The US will likely charge Julian Assange under the 1917 Espionage Act, the same law that they tried to use to stop the New York Times from publishing the Pentagon Papers. Meanwhile, papers in Pakistan are stirring up shit by printing fake cables that called Indian generals "geeky".

Post-Katrina Crimes: New Orleans police officers shot a man and then burned his body in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Finally, three officers were convicted in the killing.

China: What a Dick. Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo could not attend the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in his honor, as he was imprisoned in China. Now Chinese leaders are literally cracking down on the phrase "empty chair".

Traffic Stops Lead to Deportation: Stiff new immigration enforcement means illegal immigrants involved in minor crimes like traffic violations wind up deported.

Haven't They Experienced Enough Tragedy?! Sarah Palin will visit Haiti.

Smog Wins Again! Obama's office backs off on laying down long-delayed tougher car emissions standards.

Porn Clinic Shuts Down: An LA health clinic that kept a database of porn stars' STD tests has been shut down.

"Celesbians": I guess this is a word now?

Buy a Chunk of Polar Ice Cap! Two Dutch artists are selling little vials of polar ice, saying it might soon be an extinct product.


Sellwood Bridge Fee Passes in Clackamas County: Multnomah County gets a $19 vehicle license fee to pay for the Sellwood Bridge, Clackamas gets a $5 fee. And yet Clackamas whines at a higher rate! One of those mysteries of life

Screw You, Charity! The Oregon attorney general's list of the 10 worst charities.