WOOHOO!! Pencils down, everyone! Another simply smashing Mercury Online Charity Auction has come to a close, and you know who made it super great?


Mercury readers are simply the most awesomest people in the world, and you've proven it once again by giving generously from the bottom of your heart and paycheck to the Mercury Auction which benefits the Raphael House, who will use your heartfelt donations to keep helping those who have had their lives shattered by domestic violence.

Now it's time for us to get to work tallying up the final totals, which we will reveal (along with some of the top auction items) in this week's print version of the Mercury! So to all those who bid and won... CONGRATULATIONS! We'll be in touch to tell you how and when to pick up your winnings. And let's give a special round of applause to all the super generous businesses and individuals who made this year's charity auction so great. Be sure to patronize their businesses because people this generous deserve your support.

Once again, here's to YOU, Portland! You've once again proven you're the greatest goddamn town in the universe. Thanks for participating, and let's do it again next year!