Remember Ja Rule? The guy who rapped on Ashanti songs? The one who Tyrese Gibbs hated? He tried to be gangster, but no one believed him? You know… Ja Rule.

Come on! This was important stuff when I was in middle school. I mean, Britney was dating Justin, and Christina wasn't a slut yet. TRL actually played music videos and Carson Daly had a job. Important stuff.

Anyway, Ja Rule is appearing on your radar because he's going to jail for two years stemming from a gun-possession charge from 2007. I'm not quite sure why the courts took nearly four years to finally charge him but—that's their thing.

Ja Rule was stopped for speeding in a luxury sports car. Somehow police found a semi-automatic pistol in a rear door of the car during the process. You figure it out.

By the by, for anyone who cares, Ja Rule is supposed to release a new album titled 'Rule York' in the coming months. And as a reminder here's Ja Rule and Ashanti's "Always on Time":