I want to talk about video games for a moment. Okay, well, "video game." See, the Video Game Awards happened on Spike this last weekend in which awards were given out, Neil Patrick Harris was probably funny (I didn't actually watch, because… ya know, it's Spike), and trailers were released!

"And?," you say.

And, an Uncharted 3 (which everyone knew was coming down the pipe at some point) trailer was shown. Yes, I love Uncharted. Yes, I want more Nolan North in my life—can't get enough of the busiest voice actor in the business. And yes, on 11-1-11 I will be buying this game.

I trust in Naughty Dog. Enjoy the trailer with me.

Oh yeah, also this trailer for a game called Batman: Arkham City with Hugo Strange was released. You should probably be excited for that, too—just sayin'.