Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter
  • Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter

Fans of the popular Showtime program Dexter probably won't be surprised by today's news. Michael C. Hall and wife, Jennifer Carpenter have filed for divorce. Apparently, they were separated for a while before filing.

Can anyone with any knowledge of this show honestly say they never saw this one coming? I mean this in all sincerity.

If you didn't know, Hall and Carpenter play siblings on the the show Dexter. For four seasons Hall's character Dexter Morgan had a serious relationship (including sex) with a fairly attractive Rita played by Julie Benz—now on No Ordinary Family.

Carpenter's Deb Morgan is an emotionally unstable slut. She bangs, like, two main characters and a myriad of one night stands. Being on Showtime the camera can get little dirtier with things, thus we see Deb Morgan in her underwear a lot while she makes out with and sexes all kinds of guys.

I realize that they're both "professionals." There's evidence that porn actors make these types of relationships work—not all, but some. Still, watching your wife get it on—even pseudo sex—for five years has to be a little weird. Plus, think of the insecurity issues (on her part) watching Hall get it on with an increasingly more attractive Julie Benz— seriously, Benz in season one to Benz in season four, wow.

Pretty cute, right? Yes. You're wrong if you disagree. So very wrong.
  • Pretty cute, right? Yes. You're wrong if you disagree. So very wrong.

Surprised, I'm not. Or maybe it's just me projecting here. Either way go watch Dexter. It's a fun little show.