It's no secret we love Hari Kondabolu. The New York based stand up comedian is fucking hilarious, scary smart, and politically devoted. As Erik put it in the "Busy Week":

"(Kondabolu's) hilarious comedy (is) closely tied in to today's not-so-hilarious headlines. You will go to this and you will laugh and you will laugh some more and then you will think about it for days afterward."

Erik's not exaggerating—Kondabolu tackles some seriously complex subjects like race and geopolitics. The comedian did, after all, receive his master's in human rights from the London School of Economics. That said, it's not a stuffy class or a lecture—Kondabolu's set is as rife with odd bits of just plain weird and funny shit as it is with politics.

I interviewed Kondabolu the last time he came through town. Check it out if you're looking for a little more background.

Since we spoke, Kondabolu taped a Comedy Central special—a sort of rite of passage for comedians breaking into the national scene. It has yet to air, making this a fine chance to see Kondabolu and the material he has no-doubt honed. (It's also an opportunity to see how truncated and twisted stand up comedy gets when it gets translated to TV.)

Here's an older bit of Kondabolu's I believe I've posted before, but I love it. It's just so strange:

Playing off the cuff in this clip, Kondabolu fucks with his predominantly rich, white audience at the Aspen Comedy Festival:

TONIGHT: Hari Kondabolu @ Curious Comedy Theater, 5225 NE MLK, 8 pm, $10-12, w/Ahamefule Oluo