Last week, I blogged that reported hate crimes motivated by sexual orientation and gender now outpace reports of race-based crime (apparently thanks to a push in the LGBT community to work with police to report crimes).

The print article about Portland's most recent anti-gay hate crime, the brutal beating of a man walking home in Hosford-Abernathy, sparked a lot of comments discussing who is committing these crimes.

Conveniently, the state keeps track of the demographics of hate crime victims and alleged offenders. These stats are based on police reports, so they have all the problems associated with that (people have to report the crimes, demographics based on victim or witness description), but they're interesting and relevant to the conversation so I made these little pie charts to express who the victims and offenders of hate crimes are in Oregon. I also uploaded all the state's hate crime stats for 2007-2009, so you can check out all the stats here.

First, here's the breakdown of people who committed hate crimes from 2007-2009 broken down by race and gender:


Many more pie charts below the cut.




Thanks to intern Scott for crunching some of the numbers.