This just in from the police:

Kidnapping suspect Roger Salazar-Castillo
  • Kidnapping suspect Roger Salazar-Castillo

On December 13, 2010, Portland Police responded to the area of Northeast 62nd Avenue and Broadway on the report of a female that had been attacked by an unknown male. Officers arrived and spoke with a 20-year-old female who told police that she had been walking on 82nd Avenue that evening when she had been offered a ride by a Hispanic male in a green colored car. The victim told police that while riding in the car a struggle ensued with the suspect and she was strangled to unconsciousness. When the victim awoke, she found her hands had been bound together and the male was driving her to an unknown location. The male also threatened her with a kitchen knife. The victim managed to escape from the car and run to a residence where she pounded on the door until the occupants came to the door and called the police.

Later that evening, a call came in to the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office regarding a naked female walking on I-84 near Wood Village. Deputies arrived and spoke with a 22-year-old female who told deputies that she had been walking along Southeast 82nd Avenue when she was approached by a Hispanic male in a small green car.

More of the story, plus some speculation, below the cut.

First the rest of the release:

After entering the car the victim and suspect argued and the suspect threatened her with a knife and choked her into unconsciousness. The victim later awoke to find the suspect driving her to an unknown location and her hands were bound together. The victim managed to get possession of the knife and stab the male several times. The victim then managed to run from the car and notify police.

The suspect, identified as 39-year-old Roger Salazar-Castillo was later found in a green Dodge Neon bleeding profusely. Salazar-Castillo was transported to an area hospital with non-life threatening stab wounds.

At this point in the investigation, Salazar-Castillo has been charged with two counts of Kidnapping in the First Degree, two counts of Menacing and two counts of Strangulation. Salazar-Castillo remains in an area hospital due to his injuries but will be booked into jail upon his release.

Now some speculation:
It seems likely these women are sex workers—that would explain why they both accepted rides from a strange man on 82nd Avenue. What amazing luck and resourcefulness that both women were able to escape without further harm.

Violence against sex workers is frighteningly common. A group of Portland sex worker advocates put out a resource called the Bad Date Report, which collects reports from sex workers about clients who abuse them in some way and distributes the report in a print form so that other workers can steer clear of the "bad dates." Tomorrow, coincidentally, is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. It doesn't look like there are any local events planned, but here's what the local Sex Worker Outreach Coalition Facebook page has to say about the occasion:

Tomorrow is the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers... The Portland Bad Date Line is a monthly publications that helps inform people of predators. They have take 11 reports this year from people working in our community and this is a fraction of the violence that is happening! If you are working, PLEASE be SAFE and if you are not remember that SEX WORK is WORK and we all deserve to be safe!

If you're so inclined, the Portland Women's Crisis Line has advice on how to help with their outreach project for sex workers.