About a year ago, local actor/comedian Kevin Michael Moore was having a hard time finding a photo of the Hawthorne record store Bird's Suite Records, where he worked in the 1990s. In hopes of tracking down an image, he started a Facebook group called Dead Memories Portland, inviting the group to post old pictures of Portland—a year later, the group has almost 3,000 members and an archive of nearly 1700 images. Moore just released a calendar using some of the images the group dug up—the Wyland mural with the orcas, an old Tom Peterson storefront, a shot from Lloyd Center's open-air days. It's a fun little nostalgia trip, and Moore's selling it for $15 right here; I've also got two copies to give away; if you'd like to win one, please leave a comment with your favorite Oregon History Fact™ and I'll pick a winner by 4 pm today. (Note: I will not be factchecking your history facts.)