$7 Billion for Madoff Investors: Today's settlement for Madoff's victims makes me wish I invested with him after all.

Repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell. No, Really, This Time's For Real! Fingers crossed, the Senate will vote on allowing out gays in the military.

California Cap and Trade: The Golden State okays the first large-scale cap and trade program in the US.

Pro-Choice Victory in Washington: In a surprise move, the state pharmacy board upheld a law requiring pharmacists to dispense Plan B even if they have "moral objections."

Duuuuuuuuude: Amsterdam's pot cafes may soon be off limits to tourists.

Spy Wars! Lawsuit filed against US drone attacks in Pakistan reveals the name of a CIA agent, who has to flee the country.

Also in Pakistan: Pure Commercial Genius. Karachi billboards use WikiLeaks to sell menstrual pads:

So Close. We almost made it through the year without another Portland police officer-involved-shooting. Almost.

Rabid Raccooooons! Raccoon "distemper" is suspected on the Oregon Coast.

Fire Burns 12 Astoria Businesses: It's "suspicious". Boo. Who would want to torch Astoria?

Scary Letter from Jail: Convicted Woodburn bomber wrote to girlfriend, "I fear my heart is growing cold with hate."

Blazer Live Blog! Ezra will be here on Blogtown writing live from tonight's game and tomorrow's.