If you are reading this, chances are you are well aware of Portlandia, the comedic series created by Fred Armisen (SNL, ex-Trenchmouth) and Carrie Brownstein (Wild Flag, ex-Sleater-Kinney) that focuses on the dear city that we call home. The show won't hit the IFC airwaves until January 21, but a few clips have already made their way to the web, so let's watch one together, shall we?

Wait, that wasn't funny. As much as I respect the track record of the show's creators, and the fact that Portlandia filmed at our offices, when I think comedy, Carrie Brownstein isn't exactly the first name that comes to mind (sorry). Especially when the running theme of Portlandia seems to be one long joke about "Keep Portland Weird" bumper stickers. You know, because the women here wear glasses and such.

I'm all for the show making fun of us, I just might have inflated my expectations a bit.